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Posted on: November 24th 2017

Aspirations Leadership Incubator Programme Final Session

Congratulations to all 12 candidates who successfully completed the Aspirations Leadership Incubator Programme.  This first cohort of candidates have set an excellent standard for all future delegates and we congratulate them on their  highly successful  learning journey through the Incubator.

Some reflections from the delegates:

‘I have found the training purposeful, thought provoking and perfectly tuned into the development needs for early headship. The training has been relevant and inspired me to take action and think strategically.’ Jo Agate, Principal, Harriers Banbury Academy (primary)

'The Aspirations Leadership Incubator has provided invaluable insight into the eclectic nature of what it is to be a modern day Principal: I have been inspired, challenged and deeply influenced by a leadership model the encapsulates self-knowledge, humility and a relentless drive on the highest expectations for all pupils.' Paul Daniel, Assistant Principal, Rivers Academy West London (secondary)

‘This is an excellent programme. It not only prepares you for becoming a Principal, but it also helps you to decide if this is the right career move for you in advance before taking the plunge. Other excellent outcomes from the programme are the experiences that current Principals share with you and the support network that you make.’ Adam Potter, Assistant principal, Magna Academy Poole (secondary)

‘The incubator programme has not only provided me with the necessary tools for becoming a successful Principal but has cemented my belief that all students deserve a relentless drive from all leaders and teachers within the school to make them successful life-long learners. I now have an improved understanding of all the components that make up a great school and have been given, through the programme, the confidence and skills necessary to make this a reality.’ Juan Delgado, Vice Principal, Stockley Academy (secondary)

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