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Posted on: February 5th 2016

Two New Livingstone Academies

Livingstone Academy East London & Livingstone Academy Bournemouth

Two brand new schools will open in new buildings at Aldgate and in Bournemouth in 2017 as pioneering schools for the 21st Century with a curriculum centred on Computer Science and creative thinking.  If you would like to consider sending your child to either of thess school please register with us and we will keep you informed on developments:  email:


Today’s young people live in a digitally-connected world surrounded by computers at school and in the home. They run their lives through mobile devices which are their primary window for information and news as they immerse themselves in social media and screen entertainment. In a world that has become exponentially reliant on technology, it is important that all young people not only know how to consume technology but are given the knowledge, insight and the relevant skills to create their own technology as digital operators.


Today's digital world is concerned with creating, sharing, and using information in digital form. Digital information is data that are structured and manipulated, stored and networked, subsidised and sold. Digital technologies touch every aspect of life and business – but relatively few people create them; most people just use them. Digital activities include gaming, cyber security, software development, data management and analytics, E-commerce, mobile technologies, green IT, cloud computing and many more. The Digital and creative sector is at the heart of contributing to the economy, underpinning growth through the technology it develops and the services it provides. The Digital sector employs 3 per cent of the UK workforce and contributes nearly £69 billion Gross Value Added to the UK economy (7.4 per cent).


The skills essential to success in the world today include creativity and team-work, as well as scientific and mathematical knowledge. This new school will have a curriculum which ensures the Creative Application of Science and Maths (CASM) with a view to fully prepare our students with success in today’s world. This will also involve a creative and innovative approach to teaching and learning in order to develop the range of skills that many employers consider are currently lacking in school leavers: experience, initiative, enthusiasm, verbal communication, ability to fit in, reliability, and basic literacy. The Academy will develop young people as creative technologists with the skills to thrive in this digital world. The vision is to set up a high performing age 4-19 school for students to be equipped with the skills and qualifications required to play an active and successful role in today’s knowledge-based, interdependent, highly competitive, fast-changing digital world. Students from a wide range of backgrounds will experience a very different type of education, centred on the development of computational knowledge and skills, delivered through a partnership between the Academy and the digital industry. 


The new Academy is the result of a partnership between  a successful multi-academy trust, the Aspirations Academies Trust, and Ian Livingstone CBE, a highly successful and experienced entrepreneur and businessman, who is also a multi-million-selling children’s book author and a leading spokesperson for computing skills and the video games industry.


The Livingstone Academies will be mixed schools that will each serve 1,570 age 4-19 students when full.  The Academies will open in 2017 and parents interested in registering their children for either Reception or Year 7 should email:


Further information is available at: