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Posted on: August 30th 2016

The Aspirations Academies Trust Examination Performance 2016

The performance of Aspirations Academies in 2016 was the best ever in the four years of operation of the Trust. Virtually all academies are now producing results that are significantly improved on the results of the schools prior to joining the Trust.

Primary Academies: SATs Results

  • All academies performed extremely well in the new assessment measures, with many being well above national averages at KS2.

Secondary Academies: 

GCSE Results

  • Magna achieves its best ever results using the old measure of 5+ A*-C inc E+M with 62%
  • Rivers achieves its best ever score using the same measure 60%
  • Using the new reporting measures all our academies achieve a positive progress 8 score, anything around +.5 is excellent and both Rivers (0.41) and Magna (0.69) are there or thereabouts with Banbury increasing this measure by 0.52 from last year. SSB achieved -0.08

  • The % achieving A*-C in E + M at both Rivers and Magna was 62%
  • Banbury have moved forward greatly on last year’s poor performance. Despite losing a lot of able students to SSB at the end of Year 9 they have achieved 50% in E+M and a positive progress 8 score. Both significant improvements on last year. Banbury’s English GCSE A*-C result was an excellent 79% - their best ever.
  • SSB achieved their first ever GCSE results. An amazing 84% of students achieved A*-C in Maths but the English reduced the E+M figure to 60.5%. Very good for year one and excellent for a studio school - possibly best in the country.

A Level Results

  • Best ever A level results at Rivers with results being significantly above national averages
  • Banbury results very impressive with a great improvement on 2015.
  • Magna’s first A level cohort produced very good results
  • Tech City despite a turbulant first year achieved reasonable outcomes
  • The BTEC results were also very pleasing across our academies.


Please see the table of all results below:


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