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Our Approach to School Improvement

School improvement in England is officially measured by attainment and achievement, particularly the levels of progress made by students.The Aspirations Academies Trust in association with the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations (QISA) and Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations (QISVA). has developed an approach and a model that enables long-term sustainable educational school improvement. Unfortunately, this model cannot be simply taken off the shelf and applied easily to any school in need of improvement, it is not as easy as that. Education in England, and in many other parts of the world, requires an upgrade, a new operating system, perhaps OS21, designed to provide relevance to the 21st century. In an era where the English education system produces over 1 million unemployed under 21 year olds at a time when companies cannot find the highly skilled workers they require, strategically thinking educational entrepreneurs are required to stimulate and develop sustainable school improvement.

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