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School Improvement Services

Sustainable school improvement is a highly complex and difficult task. Short term improvements in attainment can be achieved rapidly, whereas longer term success is harder to achieve. The challenge is to improve schools through finding entrepreneurial approaches to education that result in the high quality outcomes that not only satisfy the requirements of the rigid examination system but also develops in young people the skills required for success in the world today. The Aspirations Academies Trust school improvement model aims to achieve these combined outcomes. The Aspirations Academies Trust believes that school improvement needs to involve cultural, structural and systematic processes. The educational provision of a school needs to be built on strong foundations in order to provide an effective platform for teaching and learning. To achieve this a school often needs to be culturally and systematically re-built before this can happen. For sustainable, highly effective school improvement the starting point needs to be a thorough and deep analysis of the whole school in order to identify, in particular, the issues that are possibly restricting development, before then prescribing the way forward. Following this in-depth analysis the Aspirations Academies Trust formula for continuous sustained school improvement is applied.

Services available to other schools:

• One day fact finding visit + Improvement Report - 3 people = £2,500
This would involve learning walks and triangulation activities including work study, pupil and staff discussions.

• Leadership Team School Improvement Training (2 x 2 hours) = £1,500
This can be tailored to the needs of the SLT in order to help with the process of school improvement.

• Aspirations Training (4 x 2 hours) = £3,000
This provides an outline to the use of the Aspirations Framework as a tool for school improvement. It is designed for the senior and middle leaders.

• Aspirations Launch for all staff (1 hour) = £750
This is a whole staff session to introduce the concept of the aspirations Framework

• Academy Improvement Meetings (2 hours) = £750 each
These are meetings with the Principal to help chart the improvements needs to move a school forward. We have a very good approach to school improvement and some increasingly successful and experienced Principals. With increasingly reduced LA support and a growing number of schools requiring improvement we offer Academy Improvement Meetings each half-term (led by our Principals) at £750 a day (£4,500 a year for each Academy).

• Bespoke school improvement support is also available.

*The Student Voice Surveys, IKnow My Class surveys and My Aspirations Action Plan are also directly available from

If you are interested in using our School Improvement Services, please use the enquiry form in the Contact Us section, or email