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Training and Leadership Opportunities

Teacher Development

• Polishing pedagogy programme – for teachers wishing to move to outstanding

• Coaching programme – for good and outstanding teachers to develop coaching skills in order to improve the practice of others working in their school or district

• IRIS – use IRIS in-ear coaching to improve your own practice or as a coach to improve the practice of others, either in your own school or in another school within the Trust

Leadership Development

Senior Leader Incubator Programme – for those middle leaders (primary and secondary) looking to develop further their skills in order to prepare for their first position as a Senior Leader. The programme explores how to lead a whole-school priority; how to build and shape a cross-disciplined team; how to hold others to account successfully and how to monitor, evaluate and improve performance against a whole-school priority.

Preparation for Principalship

Principal Incubator Programme – for those Senior Leaders (primary and secondary) looking to prepare for their first Principal post. The programme explores how to shape the culture of a school; how to shape your vision; how to shape the curriculum and staffing body of a school; real-life action stations exploring practical problems faced by Principals on a daily basis; how to develop good financial understanding in order to manage the budget of the school; how to develop strong HR practices; holding others to account and maintaining the highest expectations and standards across all areas of a school.

Secondment Opportunities within the Trust

As part of our Incubator programmes we offer opportunities to spend a week’s secondment in another school in the Trust. We also have opportunities for senior leaders to spend a secondment period in another school in order to impact positively on an area for development in that school. This builds experience in a different context and ensures that skills are transferable.

Cross-phase (primary-secondary) opportunities

Teach in more than one school – spend some time in the working week in a different phase of education. We have opportunities in many subject areas for primary-trained teachers to spend some time teaching in KS3 and for secondary-trained teachers to work in KS2. This builds a much greater appreciation of the seamless continuum of education, sharpens practice and creates a multitude of learning opportunities.

District-wide working partnerships and Trust-wide working partnerships

• CPD – as a Trust and as 3 districts of schools we deliberately plan CPD days across our schools so that staff can come together to share expertise. This means that staff across our schools build networks that allows them to share resources and ideas throughout the year. 

• Moderation – all of our schools moderate work together to assure quality and assessment judgments.

• Year group networks (primary) and Subject networks (secondary and primary) – teachers from year groups (primary) and subject areas (primary and secondary) frequently come together to share best practice, plan together and assess together. Vibrant networks are created from this time spent together.

• Join our Expert Curriculum group or our Expert Assessment group – we have teams working throughout the year on developing ‘next practice’ in curriculum design and implementation and assessment practice. Join us as a member of one of these successful and exciting groups and help to shape the thinking across the Trust.

Teaching School opportunities

• Become a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) – train with us to become accredited as a SLE. Build your skill set in order to be able to work in other schools across the Trust in an improvement capacity in your subject area, phase area or area of specialism. 

• Work as a Local Specialist Teacher in our schools – as part of your training programme to become an SLE, work as a LST in one of our schools, advising and supporting colleagues in your specialist area.

• Provide school-to-school to support beyond the Trust – once accredited as an SLE, work in schools either within or beyond the Trust either for a fixed time each week or on a more ad-hoc, as necessary basis. This support will be brokered by our Teaching School and builds great experience and further expertise in your field.

• Train to teach with us – do you have a degree? If so, join us as a trainee teacher and spend your training and school experiences in schools within the Trust. Some salaried routes available and contributions to fees considered for the most promising candidates. 

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