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The Livingstone Academies

The Aspirations Academies Trust and Ian Livingstone

The Aspirations Academies Trust will be opening two new non-selective all-through schools, one in West London and one in Bournemouth.  They will  specialise in the digital arts.

The schools will be called the Livingstone Academies and are being set up by Aspirations Academies Trust in partnership with one of the founders of the UK computer games industry, Ian Livingstone. A number of leading UK and international digital companies based both in London & in the growing creative digital hub around Bournemouth University have pledged to support the school in our aims to provide an authentic education for the digital world combining academic studies with project based learning with these businesses.

Currently Aspirations run fourteen schools across London & the South East and in 2015 at the latest three Ofsted inspections all three schools were graded Outstanding.  Our schools are mainly primary and secondary schools but there are also with two studio schools specialising in space sciences and a sixth form specialising in sciences & technology. 


Talking Digital Series: Ian Livingstone





Our name is our educational ethos:

Aspirations: the ability to dream about the future, while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams.

All Aspirations schools have this ethos.  We believe that in order for students to reach their academic promise they need to believe in their ability to do.  We are committed to helping schools foster student aspirations so that all students reach their full potential.

We provide outstanding learning opportunities for our students with a curriculum that is informed by the Aspirations Framework of the guiding principles of Self-Worth, Engagement, and Purpose.  We use this to help our schools bring this vision for learning to life.


Our vision:

All our young people today live in a digitally-connected world surrounded by computers at home and at school. Teenagers run their lives through mobile devices, it is their primary device for information and news and they immerse themselves in social media and screen entertainment. In a world that has become reliant on technology, it is important that all young people are thoughtful and informed consumers of technology but also have the knowledge, insight and the skills to create their own technology as digital operators.

Our aim is that all our students will be equipped with the skills and qualifications required to play an active and successful role in today’s knowledge-based, interdependent, highly competitive, fast-changing digital world.   Our new school will have a rich partnership with the digital industry to ensure that students gain the skills and knowledge that are central to a successful life as a digital citizen in modern Europe.

We believe that there is a role for a new local school specialising in computing, science and technology that will provide wider opportunities for future careers for a new generation of successful and confident citizens who will contribute to local, national and international economic success.

This will be a new school that will combine modern technology with specialist science labs, design studios and an on-site business hub for start-up and tech businesses to ensure that our students will combine excellent academic results with enterprising practical experience tailored to the needs of contemporary society.


Our pledge to our students:

Every student at one of our schools receives outstanding care, outstanding education and outstanding opportunities.
The school will have a strong academic basis with curriculum centred around computing and digital learning so all children get an excellent start.
There will be a wide range of practical based learning and business mentored experiences for all students.
Every student will have an individual learning plan and every parent will have a direct relationship with their child’s class teacher.