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The Livingstone Academies

Aspirations and Ian Livingstone

Aspirations will be opening two academies in partnership with Ian Livingstone CBE, a pioneer in the UK games industry. A number of leading UK and international digital companies based in London and in the growing creative digital hub around Bournemouth University have pledged to support the schools in our aim to provide an authentic education for the digital world combining academic studies with real-world learning.

Talking Digital Series: Ian Livingstone


Our Vision

Young people today live in a digitally-connected world underpinned by computing technology and social media. Mobile devices are the primary conduit for accessing information and news. It is now vital that all young people are not only thoughtful and informed consumers of technology, but also have the knowledge, insight and skills to create their own technology as digital operators.

We want our students to be equipped with the skills and qualifications required to play an active and successful role in today’s knowledge-based, interdependent, highly-competitive, fast-changing digital world. Livingstone Academies will have a strong partnership with the digital industry to ensure that students gain the skills and knowledge that are central to a successful life as a digital citizen.

Livingstone Academies will provide wider opportunities for future careers for a new generation of successful and confident citizens who will contribute to local, national and international economic success.

Livingstone Academies will combine modern technology with specialist science labs, design studios and on-site business hubs for start-up businesses to ensure that our students will combine excellent academic results with enterprising practical experience tailored to the needs of contemporary society.