Dr. Russell J. Quaglia presented his research on raising student aspirations at the Sports College Conference in Nottingham in November 2000. In the audience was Steve Kenning.

Inspired he took the Aspirations Framework and embedded it into his school. Over the next fourteen years the Aspirations Framework was used, alongside effective teaching and learning strategies, by Headteachers Steve and Paula Kenning to create several highly successful schools in England.

At the start of the summer holidays in 2011, Steve and Paula Kenning were considering the implications and opportunities of the changing educational climate as a result of the growth of academies and the introduction of Free Schools. This led to the development of a germ of an idea to start their own Multi-Academy Trust. A few emails and phone calls later and Dr Russell J. Quaglia was also hooked on the idea. Negotiations followed with the Department of Education and the Aspirations Academies Trust was officially created on  1st December 2011. The first Aspirations Academies opened in September 2012.

Today, there are 14 Aspirations Academies with students across all phases aged 2 to 18.

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