Aspirations Education Hub: The redesign of our school improvement model

The aim of our school improvement model is to diagnose, support & improve.

The present model has worked well over the years, leading to the present situation where all our academies are making good progress and financially the Trust is in a good position. The support and monitoring model is essentially the same as when the Trust started nearly ten years ago, albeit on a larger scale. As a Trust we model innovation and the time is right to look at what we do and to slightly streamline and improve the current model. With the continued growth of the Trust, the post-Covid period, and a new academy joining us in September, it now seems to be a good time to further improve the system. The key issues that this proposed model seeks to address are:

  • A clarification of the role of the Regional CEO
  • A revision of the trust monitoring of academies
  • A return to the pre-Covid levels of support for schools requiring significant improvement
  • A development of teacher CPD
  • A focus on staff and student wellness
  • A drive for creativity and innovation in education in line with our five year plan
  • Moving all academies to a position where they are performing as the Aspirations expected ‘Lighthouse’ site.


Aspirations Education Hub 


What are we trying to achieve?

  1. To drive the full implementation of the Trust’s five-year plan.

  2. To ensure all Aspirations Academies become ‘Lighthouse’ sites.


The monitoring process

Each academy will aim to provide a high quality education, relevant to the needs of the 21st century, for all pupils. The ultimate aim is for each academy to move towards the attainment of ‘lighthouse site’ status. Monitoring, diagnosis and support will cover the following performance indicators:

  1. Pupil attainment and progress

  2. Behaviour and attitudes

  3. Curriculum – coverage of the National Curriculum, examination requirements and curriculum innovation (ensuring challenge and engagement).

  4. Pupil and staff wellness

  5. Staff development

  6. Employability and skills development

  7. The Aspirations Framework and Student Leadership

  8. Innovation and creativity

  9. Working with and supporting other academies
  10. Leadership and management


Each Academy will annually be placed in one of the following three categories following a full diagnosis of their performance. This decision will be made by the EOB. In 2021/22 the current system of stage 1 and stage 2 academies will still be used, although academies will work towards the achievement of the 10 performance indicators, with the first Lighthouse sites awarded this status in June 2022:

  • Lighthouse Sites.
  • Aspiring Sites.
  • Emerging Sites.

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Find out more about the Aspirations Lighthouse Performance Criteria here.



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