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Our academies sit KS2 SAT’s tests, GCSE (and equivalent) exams and A level (and equivalent) exams. Each year the performance of our academies is at least in line with expectations and often significantly above in terms of both attainment and progress.

Secondary academies, such as Rivers Academy West London and Wykham Park Academy Banbury, have recently achieved their best ever results at both GCSE and A level. For results in all our academies up to 2019 please go to the government schools performance tables website:

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a significant impact on examinations at all levels in schools. The current government advice is:

‘The tests, assessments and exams due to take place at Key Stages 1, 2, 4, and 5 in summer term 2020 did not take place due to coronavirus (COVID-19). While GCSE, AS and A level (and equivalent) grades were awarded to students in 2020, these grades will not be used to judge an institution’s performance in 2020. The DfE has made a firm commitment not to hold schools or colleges to account on data based on the summer 2020 qualifications. We will not be publishing or sharing institution level data from the 2020 exams and have advised all those working with schools, such as local authorities, to use the previous year’s data when assessing school or college performance, until new data are available’. 

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