Aspirations has developed into a medium sized Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) over the past seven years. This growth has brought with it stronger governance, a larger central team and a more sophisticated operational structure. This growth has gone well, with the Trust and its schools performing and developing to a good standard.

As we prepare to open two brand new Livingstone Academies we have been researching some of the best curriculum and organisational design in schools globally, particularly in the USA, and this has led us to revise significantly our plans for the future of the Trust. A desired aim of the Trust from the outset has been to be at the forefront of educational provision and educational organisation design in order to meet the demands of the 21st century.

From our recent research in the USA we have realised that the UK system is slipping further and further behind in achieving this aim. As a Trust we not only have to work hard to achieve high levels of attainment in an increasingly knowledge based examination system, we have the moral obligation to prepare the students in our care with the skills to enable their success in today’s fast changing world. This plan is designed to address this complex issue.

A Five Year Plan

The purpose of a five year plan is to provide a framework that is clearly understood by all and guides everyone associated with Aspirations towards the achievement of our shared targets.


  1. 100% of our students achieve skilled employment or move onto higher level training
  2. 100% of learning is challenging and engaging
  3. 100% of students leave school with the confidence to take action, demonstrated by their flourishing in the workplace

These targets are achieved by:

  • The development of 21st century skills through a relevant and engaging curriculum
  • An education provision that is continuously improved through local, national and global research and influence
  • The development of a highly trained and motivated teaching and support staff team
  • A Trust organisational structure that provides the capacity to support, develop and challenge

Core Principles and the delivery framework:

We are developing an educational framework that delivers high aspirations, high levels of academic performance and the development of the skills required for success in the 21st century workplace: No limits: Education for success in the 21st century

The core principles of this framework are:

  • Self-worth, Engagement, Purpose
  • High expectations
  • Employability
  • Opportunity
  • Innovation and Enterprise
  • Challenge and Engagement
  • Talent Development
  • Makers and Creators
  • Global
  • With big dreams and hard work anything is possible
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