Learning in the No limits Curriculum is structured around two approaches:

  • APPLIED (Trans-discipline): Learning across multiple subject disciplines

  • CORE (Single-discipline): Need to know learning in a single subject discipline designed to inform the APPLIED work and to meet the knowledge demands of exam specifications.

Applied Trans-discipline Learning (ATL) means learning between, across and beyond different disciplines, that is relevant to the real world and applied to real practical situations. The goal is to access, analyse and synthesise information and knowledge over several disciplines in order to understand the operation and issues facing the world today and in the future. All the Applied Trans-discipline Learning is delivered through assignments that integrate several subjects.

In Year 4 the majority of these assignments will last for three weeks, in Year 7 they are between three and six weeks, and in Year 12 they last for 13 weeks. All learning blocks last for two hours and there are four of these learning blocks in a week.

As we progress into the older year groups, the assignments get longer in terms of weeks in order to develop greater depth. The length of time spent on an assignment provides a great many options for a range of approaches to learning, however the end product is a high quality presentation of their findings/suggestions by students. 

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