The timetable design for the No Limits curriculum in Year 4 is very similar to the present structure found in primary schools. The main difference is in ensuring in a two form entry school that two teachers work together to plan the curriculum with, ideally, one being a Maths specialist and the other being an English specialist. The aim then, across two teaching groups, is for the Maths specialist to teach all the Maths, the English specialist to teach all the English and both to share the assignment delivery. This shares the planning load and creates continuity in case of any teacher absence.

How the curriculum could work in Year 4:

25 ppw model




Applied Trans-Discipline Assignments (Science, History, Geography, Computing,Maths, English, Design Technology, Citizenship)

Creative Curriculum/single subjects (Science, MFL, Music, Art and Design)


Periods per week







The ideal Year 4 week structure and expectations it to have 25 periods per week

  • 5 periods per day
  • Two teachers per 60 students, working and planning together
  • Teacher planning time in PE and in some creative curriculum time
  • Tutorials and assemblies happen within the ATL time

All ATL includes Science, History, Geography, Computing, Maths, English, Design Technology, Citizenship and other subjects such as Drama and Art, taught through assignments, with English and Maths also being taught as single disciplines on a daily basis. The aim is for the knowledge developed in the core learning sessions is applied in the ATL assignments. There is also an Assessment, Presentation and Personal Education (APP) week every five or six weeks to cover assessment, assignment presentations, Wellness curriculum, PSHEE/RE and more.

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