We are excited to announce that Aspirations Academies Trust will launch two Trust-wide applications after half term: Aspirations Voice and iCan.

Aspirations Voice is a web-based student survey that measures the thoughts, views and opinions of students on their educational journey. This online program was created as an important tool tailored to enhance the learning experiences in schools.

By measuring student perceptions, Aspirations Voice gathers valuable feedback from students about their classroom and the whole school experience. The information gathered can then be used by school leaders to improve the student learning experience and learning outcomes.

iCan is a web-based app for students to help them develop their future skills and enables the recording of evidence of this skill development in a digital portfolio. The app also enables schools to track the skill development of students, thus providing opportunities for students to fill any essential gaps.

iCan should work alongside normal school life with students recording evidence of their skill development as they progress through their school life.

This is becoming increasingly important, as we’re moving towards a future in which individuals will need to demonstrate foresight and adaptability in their work skills to be successful. Thus, the iCat app is specifically tailored to develop and update students’ skills to ensure success in their 21st century future careers, which follows our vision and mission.