Creating a culture of learning

Aspirations believes that the professional growth of all staff is essential if we are to give the young people in our schools a real life chance in this fast-changing world. 

All our full-time staff are given 125 hours of dedicated time to solely focus on their professional growth. 

Professional growth is an essential element in creating a culture of learning in each Aspirations Academy. If we are to fully prepare young people for success in their future lives we need to not only help them to achieve good academic progress, gaining appropriate test and examination qualifications, we need to help them to develop the transferable power skills required to apply knowledge to solve complex problems. In order to achieve this, staff need to model knowledge development, skills development and problem solving. School staff also need to develop a keen awareness of the work requirements in this changing world. 

The Professional Growth Dossier

Aspirations aims to develop a complete development programme for all Aspirations staff ensuring they continually learn from the moment they join the trust. Aspirations intends to make sure staff are fully prepared for their current role whilst at the same time developing them for their next role. 

Aspirations is developing a new approach to performance management where all staff are expected to lead their own learning and through The Professional Growth Dossier* collect evidence to reflect their developing competencies. This is designed to ensure professional learning is a constant element in the working life of each member of staff. 

Further details about the Trust’s culture of learning can be found in the Professional Growth Handbook HERE

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