Aspirations want all students to achieve high levels of success in a broad range of examinations at a variety of ages, whilst at the same time equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to play an active and successful role in today’s highly-competitive, fast-changing world. 

How do we achieve this? 

  • All Aspirations Academies have very high standards and expectations
  • The Aspirations Framework’s Three Guiding Principles are embedded in our academies. 
  • We are aiming for high quality learning which is challenging, engaging and relevant: 
    * Look at our KS2/3 No Limits Curriculum by following this link.
    *Explore our Year 12 Aspirations Employability Diploma by following this link.
  • Aspirations believes in the professional growth of all staff through a culture of learning. See more HERE
  • We are constantly developing new initiatives to enhance and improve the learning of our students. Look at our current initiatives HERE.  
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