• Bold Ideas Grants: Catalytic R&D style grants to support innovative learning projects and practices that test bold ideas. Providing funding to build out experimental ideas, test new concepts, and find powerful ways to move education towards a new future of learning. Further details HERE.
  • Aspirations Employability Diploma: The Aspirations Academies Trust expects all post-16 students at Aspirations Academies to develop work readiness by experiencing the Aspirations Employability Diploma programme. 

    The AED helps each individual student to develop the range of skills and capabilities required for success in today’s global world. Further details HERE

  • NASA: A trip of a lifetime that’s out of this world! This is what Aspirations Academies Trusts delivers every year through their Space Education Adventure programme, in partnership with NASA.

    The Space Education Adventure trips are organised in order to offer students the chance to develop their interpersonal skills and discover the world of space travel. Throughout the trips, the selected students are able to travel to Houston, Texas and Florida in the USA and enjoy an exclusive NASA tour. They have the chance to speak to top experts in the space industry and see historical artefacts, as well as the new programmes currently being worked on. Further details HERE

  • Post-18 teacher internship: Aspirations post-18 students are training through university to become teachers in Aspirations Academies. 
  • Deeper Learning UK Coalition (working with the Edge Foundation): This group is made up of some of the most exciting and innovative school and college models and networks in the UK. The aim is to amplify our work, expand your influence and start to create a really coherent movement for educational change. 
  • Working with the Re-thinking Assessment national group: The aim of Rethinking Assessment is to change the English school assessment system. To make the argument for change through case studies, analysis, evidence and thoughtful blogs. To start to provide some workable solutions, practical ideas and approaches to offer as real alternatives. 
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