Easter may be very different this year: No church services, neighbourhood egg hunts or meals with extended family and friends.

But community spirit is still thriving during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

Children of key workers at Wykham Park Academy in Banbury produced Easter treats for 12 elderly residents living close to the school.  

Olivia Smith, 11, Kay Goodwill, 11 and Jessie Langton, 15, (all pictured below) baked 20 chocolate Krispie nests and 64 Smartie cookies in total.

The baking session was one of a number of fun activities organised for children who are still attending school during what would have been the start of their fortnight Easter break.

Julia Ingham, Vice Principal at the academy, revealed around seven to eight children of key workers have been attending school regularly since March 23 but only three have needed to come in this week.

The baking session adhered to Government guidelines on hygiene and the students were assigned a kitchen area each to ensure they complied with rules on social distancing.

The cookies and cakes were divided and placed in plastic bags along with handmade Easter cards. They were left outside front doors after ringing the bell with the children standing at the gate or end of the driveway of each home to explain to homeowners why they have visited.

Mrs Ingham told the Banbury Guardian: ‘’We’ve had smaller groups of children this week. These children will not have a proper Easter holiday this year as their parents are needed to help during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

‘’So we decided this week would be filled with more fun-based learning activities. They’ve had art projects and today (Maundy Thursday) we baked cookies and cakes to deliver to 12 local elderly residents.

‘’An activity like this makes the children feel they are doing their bit to support the community at this time.

‘’They see their parents helping every day during this lockdown period and it’s nice for them to feel they can do something too.’’

Olivia echoed the sentiments of Kay and Jessie as she said: ‘’Being at school during this lockdown has been really good fun. We’ve made new friends and during today’s baking session we’ve been dancing and singing along too. It feels great to know that we are doing something for the local community.’’