This term, Early Years students at Oriel Academy had an experience that was out of this world!

Students have learnt all about life in space as an astronaut, as told by real-life astronaut Tim Peake, and have been creative in making their own astronaut accessories – space packs.

A lot of fun was had exploring space this term, but this wasn’t the only reason for studying the topic – it is part of the Aspirations No Limits curriculum.

The No Limits curriculum, unique to Aspirations Academies Trust, uses Applied Transdisciplinary Learning (ATL) that allows students to apply what they have learnt in class to real-world projects that cross different subject disciplines.

This term, the No Limits topic is space. Pupils at Oriel have explored this topic in different subject areas including literacy where they have written and read about space, science where they discussed the lack of gravity in space, and art where they undertook a variety of space-related activities.

In their final space project recently, Early Years students watched a Q&A session with Tim Peake answering questions from other children of similar ages.

Tim Peake made aerospace history in 2015 when he became the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station.

Students learnt how Tim and other astronauts eat, drink and sleep in space – and even how they go to the toilet!

The children then got hands-on and made their very own astronaut accessories.

Students designed and created NASA space packs for astronauts to use on their missions.

Students had a blast!

Space packs.

The space packs were made using plastic bottles, card, paint and a variety of other materials, and were of course finished with the NASA logo!

Earlier in the term, students also made their own rockets using fruit, as well as their own space helmets.

The No Limits curriculum topic allowed students to combine fun with learning, whilst also developing their fine and gross motor skills.

Kristina Bikauskaite, Early Years Lead at Oriel Academy, said: “The children really used their imagination during the space projects.

“All skills and knowledge helped the children to not only learn, but to feel excitement when they are learning.

“They were able to grasp difficult concepts about space and showed amazing writing based on the books they had read about space too.”

Thanks to the Aspirations Academies Trust No Limits curriculum, ATL has allowed Oriel’s Early Years students to explore the topic of space from numerous angles in an engaging and fun way.