In this month’s Education Matters, Aspirations Academies Trust welcomes Amy Dean as Assistant Principal at Jewell Academy, Bournemouth.

Amy joins the school from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Christchurch, where she taught for five years.

What attracted you to Jewell Academy?

“I came to moderate the school as a Key Stage 1 moderator in May last year and spent the morning meeting the staff and children and looking at their work. I’d heard a lot about Aspirations academies from my brother, Loren, who is Principal at Livingstone Academy, and I knew they were a great trust to work for. Being at Jewell that morning, I thought, ‘This is a school I could really enjoy working in.’ Everybody has been so welcoming and receptive; I’ve had a lovely start to term!”

When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?

“I always wanted to be a teacher! When I was tiny, I’d line up all my teddies and take the register, and I’d have my mum sit down and join in! There was never any other option in my mind. I went to the University of Gloucestershire to train as a primary teacher after leaving school.”

How does it feel joining the same organisation as your brother?

“It is really lovely, really exciting. Even though we’re thick as thieves as brother and sister, I was determined to do all this on my own – he didn’t help me with the application or anything like that. I’ve watched his career progress with Aspirations, and I’m really looking forward to taking the opportunities for career development on offer myself.”

What sort of leader are you?

“Enthusiastic! I’d say I’m firm but fair. I understand the pressures facing classroom teachers and how busy things can be. I’m a people person who’ll always be open to helping teachers and supporting them as best I can. I won’t be setting unattainable goals. For myself, I’m going to focus on the teaching and learning, and raising attainment across the school.”

You’re a native of Dorset…

“I grew up in Bournemouth and went to St Walburga’s Primary and then on to St Peter’s. I love Dorset and only left for university. I live in Wimborne now, and last year I got married at the little church at Kingston Lacy, which I’d dreamt of since I was tiny!”

How do you spend your free time?

“I enjoy walking in the Purbecks – that’s my favourite place to be – and I’m a keen baker. I made my own wedding cake, and Loren’s!”


This article was originally published by Dorset Biz News.