Youngsters at a Hanworth primary recently took part in Science Sparks Workshops in the hope of igniting their passion for the subject. 

Students in Year 5 at Oriel Academy took part in the sessions with the aim to give them the opportunity to try a number of experiments they would normally have to wait to try at senior school. 

Chemistry teachers from Hampton School led the workshops and provided all the apparatus and materials including thermometers to measure temperatures, balances for weighing materials and stopwatches to measure the speed of chemical reactions. 

Pupils learnt how to analyse their results, present their findings and draw conclusions from the outcomes. 

Oriel Academy currently has places available in Reception and Nursery, September 2022 start. To apply, please email: or call: 0208 894 9395. 

Nick Clifton, Oriel Academy’s Senior Assistant Principal, told the Hounslow Herald: “The Science Sparks workshops were open to boys and girls. They were hands-on and great fun and designed to support the Upper Key Stage 2 Science curriculum in an interactive and engaging way. 

“The workshops were aimed at Year 5 pupils and provided an opportunity for them to apply their scientific knowledge and understanding to a range of practical activities they would ordinarily only come across at senior school.

“It’s fantastic to have this partnership in place with Hampton School as it reflects our commitment to delivering a high-quality curriculum to our students. This was reflected in our recent Ofsted report which saw the school retain its ‘Good’ rating.”

The Science Sparks workshops are the result of a partnership between Oriel Academy and Hampton School, an independent boys’ day school located nearby. 

Oriel’s first Ofsted inspection since the pandemic began has seen it retain its ‘Good’ rating. 

The inspector said the school is ‘happy and welcoming. Pupils enjoy their learning and try their best. They feel motivated by the encouragement they get from staff. Children get off to a good start in the early years. They do well in the nurturing and stimulating environment. Pupils said that bullying does not happen here. They know that staff will sort out any friendship issues or unkind behaviour’.

The inspector also noted ‘leaders have ensured the school has continued to improve. They have introduced a successful mathematics programme and reading is at the heart of the curriculum. This starts in the early years.
Leaders want the curriculum to be memorable and they use educational visits to bring learning to life’.

The Ofsted report notes pupils behave exceptionally well in lessons and around school. They feel safe in school and said bullying does not happen at Oriel Academy.  Leaders have high aspirations for every pupil and staff are supported and encouraged to play their part in making a difference to pupils’ lives.