CHILDREN at a Bournemouth school have mastered life-saving skills with the use of teddy bears.

Pre-schoolers from Jewell Academy spent the day with nurse Amy Collins who talked them through the ABC of first aid.

Sessions lasting thirty minutes each were held for all year groups from pre-school through to Year 6 using either teddy bears or dummies.

The children learnt the importance of checking the airway (A), breathing (B) and chest compressions (C), otherwise known as Cardiopulminary Resucitation, which is normally given to someone who is in cardiac arrest.

Pre-schoolers at Jewell Academy practise chest compressions on teddy bears

Older students at Jewell Academy used dummies to practise chest compressions

The sessions come after a new defibrillator was recently bought for Jewell by members of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Mrs Collins, who is also a member of the PTA, told the Bournemouth Echo: “The sessions organised for the children varied depending on age so with the young children it started with being aware of danger and the need to raise help. We also showed them a video of a small child finding a teacher had collapsed and the steps they must follow to help.


“Having that knowledge and realising the importance of raising help is very important for a young child. It’s very hard to do CPR and the most important thing is to get help.

“The older children in Years 5 and 6 practised the recovery position and chest compressions on dummies.’’

Members of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and children. L-R: Lynne Robinson, Bernadette Fullerton, Amy Collins (nurse who led the training), Vicky Welland. Children L-R: Ryan Robinson, Lilly Collins, Poppy Collins, Kaelan Welland and Libbie-Beth Welland

Jewell’s principal, Alexandra Waddington, said: “We are so grateful to our PTA for providing us with this defibrillator which is an essential, life-saving piece of kit.

“It is so important that children learn these skills from a young age so they can raise the alarm and provide time critical help if ever required.”