Artist Becky Smith is passionate about the moon and it features heavily in her work as she explores themes such as nature, skies, and outer space.

Now the former Rivers Academy student is sharing the magic of the moon as she delivers a LIVE tutorial to over 17,000 followers this evening!

The livestream will take place through the Instagram page of Wyecliffe Galleries which has 17,000 followers.

Becky works for Wyecliffe Gallery, which is based in Weybridge, Surrey, and has recently been promoted to a Top Artist at the gallery.

The live tutorial comes just weeks after Becky generously donated one of her pieces to be raffled, with a winner chosen at random from a list of people who made a donation to the NHS Charities Together charity.

The raffle managed to raise £600 for NHS Charities Together, which supports over 230 NHS charities across the UK, focussing on helping our hospitals do more.

As a special thank you, Becky also awarded a small surprise piece of original work to each person that donated over £50 to enter the raffle.

Becky said: “I am so glad to do my bit and raise this money for the NHS, as they have worked so hard throughout this pandemic. 

“I believe that we all have a role to play in uplifting each other and celebrating the hard work of keyworkers during this crisis, so I was more than happy to help in any way that I could.”

In addition to this, Becky also donated a piece of art, worth £1,000, to the New Malden Ambulance Station, after being inspired by the tireless work of her paramedic neighbour, Aaron Lander.

Becky’s commitment to ‘giving back’ to the community doesn’t end there.

This Wednesday (8th July 2020), Becky will be holding a live tutorial on Instagram detailing the method behind drawing and painting the moon.

This is the second live tutorial that Becky will do, after she posted one in May that received over 20,000 views on Facebook.

The moon is a regular feature in Becky’s work for Wyecliffe Galleries, as she explores themes such as nature, skies, and outer space.

These pieces have been extremely popular in recent months, causing a dramatic increase in the amount of paintings that Becky has sold. 

Consequently, the gallery has promoted Becky to one of their ‘Top Artists’, which she is extremely grateful for, particularly at her young age.

She said: “Since lockdown begun, I have been flooded with commissions for my pieces, as the interest in my collection has grown massively.

“Although it is a lot more work, and some nights I am up painting in my studio until 12am midnight, it doesn’t feel like I am working at all because I love what I do!” she added.

Becky represents the modern world of artistry, and utilises the power of social media to promote her work.

She has become an internet sensation on video-sharing social networking app TikTok, where she has received over 250,000 views on the videos about her work!

Moreover, she has used Instagram to secure sponsored partnerships with companies all over the world, and now serves as a brand ambassador for several of them, all while widening her appeal and promoting her brand.

You can tune in to Wednesday’s live tutorial at 8:30pm, here on Wyecliffe’s Instagram page.