When children build using blocks and LEGO they’re not only engaging in play they’re learning. The bricks provide a solid foundation for your child’s development. 

The Early Years Curriculum at Livingstone Academy Bournemouth applies the same principles. 

Our Reception and Year 1 pupils are offered learning experiences that help identify their talents, purpose and passion. 

Our highly effective and groundbreaking curriculum combines nurture with academic excellence. There is a focus on learning through transformational play and inquiry to help our young pupils develop skills such as problem solving, creativity and critical thinking. 

Play decks and outdoor space complement the learning that takes place inside classrooms. 

We have 60 Reception places currently available and 30 in Year 1 for the academic year that begins September 2022. To find out more about how to apply, email: office@livingstone-aspirations.org

Livingstone Academy Bournemouth is a pioneering all-through school. The digital academy, which has a STEAM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) is the first of its kind. It is the result of a unique collaboration with Aspirations Academies Trust and Ian Livingstone CBE, who was also co-founder of the hugely successful Games Workshop.

The school allows students to acquire the knowledge and understanding required for success in a world that is fast-changing and being transformed by technology. 

Dr Kimberly Elms, Principal of Livingstone Academy Bournemouth, told the Bournemouth Echo: ‘’Our young students use LEGO bricks all the time when learning or playing. They help to create a strong foundation to whatever is built. The Early Years Curriculum at Livingstone Academy Bournemouth works in the same way: It helps to lay a strong foundation upon which to learn and grow. Children are naturally inquisitive and curious and our curriculum encourages them to develop their critical thinking, to ask questions and to be engaged with their learning.’’

Reception & Year 1 children will follow the Government’s Early Years Framework and this will be combined with teaching and learning based around mastering the 7 Cs: Curriculum, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking, Content mastery & Creativity. 

Explaining the significance of these competencies, Dr Elms said: ‘’These are the work skills that the citizens of the future will require. 

‘’Competencies like these are incredibly intricate and becoming competent in them requires time to develop. At Livingstone Academy Bournemouth, we look at them from day 1 from Reception all the way up through to the Sixth Form.’’

Pastoral care and wellbeing is very important to the structure of Livingstone Academy Bournemouth’s ‘community’: Teachers use positive and caring language and the children know that their teachers are there to help them learn. Dr Elms said: ‘’The pastoral care and wellbeing support we offer is essential to help our students engage with learning. 

‘’At LAB we provide a challenging, engaging and supportive environment that brings out the best in our community, empowering all our students to follow their dreams and to build a society of which we can all be proud of.’’