Labour’s Seema Malhotra recently shared her passion for democracy and politics with students at Rivers Academy West London

The MP for Feltham & Heston spent the morning with pupils from a variety of age groups and popped into various lessons, including a maths session and Year 11 citizenship class, before ending her visit by participating in a Year 7 Demos Kratos assembly. 

Ms Malhotra was able to provide context and explain the important role politics plays in the lives of people to bring the ethos of Demos Kratos (Rule by the People) to life. 

The topic is one of several being studied this year under the No Limits Curriculum which is unique to the Aspirations Academies Trust which Rivers is a part of.

Seema Malhotra MP with students and Rivers Career Lead, Will Berryman


Year 7 students in different groups made short presentations to Ms Malhotra in which they discussed subjects that are important to them including racism, litter and community safety. 

Ms Malhotra listened intently to all the suggestions for change put forward by the students and told them: ‘‘Each of you is an agent for change. I will now socialise your ideas with the police and council. You have all raised big issues and I want to work with you on all of them. 

‘‘Our democracy is how we make decisions together for our country. I’m here today at your school because I believe we have a responsibility to our young people – you are the future. 

‘‘I’m really proud of what you’re doing as part of the Demos Kratos project as you’re learning the skills and experience that will help you to understand what it means to be a citizen and what it means to understand the responsibility of being a citizen.

‘‘Every single one of you can change things – it’s a power that each of you has.’’

Andria Singlehurst, Principal of Rivers Academy, told the Hounslow Herald: ‘‘It was wonderful to have a visit from Seema Malhotra. It gave our students the chance to see how the democratic process can facilitate change in the local community. 

‘‘I was very impressed with the ideas for change that were put forward by the students and so proud of the human beings that they are. They revealed a strong moral compass and I feel the future is in safe hands.’’