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Joining the trio for the opening of Season 3 is Dr Jeffery Quaye PhD.

Dr Jeffery Quaye, National Director of Education & Standards for Aspirations Academies Trust

Jeffery is the National Director of Education and Standards for the Aspirations & Academies Trust, a Lead Inspector for Ofsted, an external expert for Ofqual, a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, a DfE Expert Education Advisor, examiner of Maths for Pearson and former Headteacher of the City of London Academy.

This is after a 1st class degree in engineering, a PGCE and Masters degree from the University of Hertfordshire, a PhD from Brunel, an Executive certificate from Cambridge and a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard!

Here below are some of the questions Jeffery tackles – & he even reveals who his favourite music artist is (it will surprise you):

💥Tell us about life growing up for you in Ghana and your own experience of education in your school years?

💥What made you want to come into teaching?

💥Can you tell us what your day to day as National Director of Education and Standards for the Aspirations & Academies Trust looks like?

💥 Much has been stated about the gap widening between those who are disadvantaged and those who are not as a result of the Covid pandemic – do you think this gap can ever be closed or will we just be raising the outcomes of all at a fairly linear rate?

💥 Covid-19 has completely changed the landscape of education and there has been a huge emphasis on digital learning and use of devices. How can you see the reimaging of the education landscape as we start to move out of the pandemic.

💥 There have been points mooted about how the BBC should be playing the national anthem at the end of their days broadcast, discussion has been raised over children learning the national anthem and schools are now judged based upon cultural capital – how do we continue to promote cultural capital in schools?

💥 You’re quoted as saying “It’s going to take about 130 years to have any meaningful BAME representation [in headship (currently 4% approx..)].” How do we change this and what are the underlying reasons for such a small percentage?

💥 You’re a lead inspector for Ofsted – how have schools received Ofsted visits during the pandemic? Do you think that the judgement model is still for purpose? There is a voice out there calling for the end of grades.

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