National Thank A Teacher Day is an incredibly important day in the calendar every year, as students are able to extend their gratitude to the people that have dedicated their careers to teaching the future generations.

This year, however, it carries a particularly poignant message, as teachers have been among the force of key-workers that are continuing to work throughout the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown.

This video, made up of messages from the children that have still been attending Oak Hill Academy West London during the crisis, shows varying messages of thanks and gratitude to the teaching staff at the Aspirations Academy.

Thank A Teacher Day 2020 has fallen on Day 59 of the United Kingdom’s lockdown. During which, millions of people across the country have stepped outside every Thursday evening to applaud the valiant effort of NHS workers.

For these Oak Hill Academy students, however, it is equally important to applaud their own care-providers and educators.

During the lockdown, the academy has remained open to the children of key-workers, so that their parents can continue to fulfil their vital job roles, and has demonstrated the extraordinary spirit of the local community.

The students took time out today to draw Thank A Teacher Day pictures for their teachers, and record messages of gratitude, appreciation and love, which School Business Support Assistant, Mr Nathan Smith, pieced together to create this touching video.

Today, like every day, we should ensure that we celebrate the amazing work that teachers, teaching assistants, and support staff do, and extend our own appreciation for the positive impact that they continue to have on our society.