Being kind, showing empathy and considering the wellbeing of staff and pupils are among the qualities that earn Ellen Bellamy so many admirers.

Inspired by Mrs Bellamy’s selfless acts, one colleague decided she should receive a special thank-you message which has led to a nomination for a prestigious teaching award.

The assistant principal at Park Academy in Uxbridge was delighted to discover she is the recipient of an anonymous Thank A Teacher card.

It is part of a national campaign run by the Teaching Awards Trust and the card has now led to a nomination for a Pearson Teaching Award.


Mrs Bellamy, who has worked at the Park View Road school for 11 years, told the Hillingdon Times: ‘’I know it’s a member of staff who nominated me but I don’t know who.

‘’When you’re in a leadership role, recognition does not always come so easily and the thank-you message shows me that certain things I think go unnoticed are noticed.

She said the skills for which she has been praised apply to bosses in any workplace. Her No.1 tip is: ‘’Support your colleagues. If a colleague you know is having a hard time, what’s the harm in picking up a coffee for them if you’re getting one for yourself?

‘’It’s a small gesture that can have a big impact. Being thoughtful and kind through small gestures, that let your colleagues know that you’ve noticed them, can make for a better workplace regardless of where you work.’’

Principal Juan Delgado said: ‘Since I have known Ellen she has always been committed to ensuring students receive a great education and aspire to dream beyond what they thought was possible.’’