Students at Bovington Academy are adjusting to school post-lockdown through a magical storybook that takes them on a journey…

Journey, by American writer and illustrator Aaron Becker, has been used to help the primary pupils during their transition back to classrooms and the new normal when learning and socialising.

The best-selling wordless book reveals through pictures only how a young girl escapes her lonely, sepia-toned world by drawing a door with her magical red crayon that leads into an enchanted world of colour, adventure and friendship.

Explaining the importance of the book, Sara White, Principal at Bovington Academy, said: ‘’I thought the book linked really well with the ‘journey’ our pupils have been on with lockdown and coming back into school. It has fantastic pictures and provides plenty of opportunity for creativity regardless of age group.‘’

”As a result we were able to use the book through the whole of our curriculum during the first week of school as students found their routine and adjusted to being back at school.’’

Below are a selection of pictures, taken from a video created by Computer Lead, Robin van de Reyken,  that illustrate the theme of journey for a range of age
groups at Bovington Academy.