These images appear picture-perfect – but they’re not just stunning fashion shots.

For hidden at the heart of them is a green message: Ditch fast fashion and recycle to show how much you care about tackling climate change.

The jackets worn by the models in these pictures have all been produced from recycled plastic bottles, retrieved from oceans and landfill,  by Bournemouth-based sustainable luxury clothing brand Sandbanks. It can take as many as 44 plastic bottles to produce a jacket.   

The look book was shot by Lauren Scott, a Bournemouth University graduate and a former Budmouth Academy student.


Lauren, who was studying for a BA in Commercial Photography, said: ‘’Climate change is a huge issue and this is why I chose to focus on it. It’s also no longer about fast fashion but buying well so items are of quality and last and choosing less. This will be better for the environment.

‘’For part of my final major project I collaborated with a sustainable luxury clothing brand called Sandbanks, which is based locally in Bournemouth. The brand was only established last year. I created a campaign for Sandbanks’ AW19 ‘Capsule’ collection which consists of five different jackets manufactured from recycled plastic bottles retrieved from oceans and landfill. The aesthetic of my shoot was inspired Burberry’s neutral colour palette.

‘’My aim was to showcase the unique designs and raise awareness of sustainable fashion choices which are both stylish and functional.’’

Liz Fabbri, a fashion and textile teacher at Budmouth Academy who is also a deputy subject co-ordinator of technology at the school, said she remembered Lauren well from her time at the school. Mrs Fabbri said she is delighted Lauren has pursued her love of fashion: ‘’Lauren’s project is wonderful. I’ve sent her my congratulations and some of her pictures will go up in the classroom to inspire other students.’’