A tea-guzzling tiger provided several hours of roarsome fun for youngsters at one local nursery. 

The words of Judith Kerr’s popular children’s book, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, have been turned into a delightful stage adaptation packed with oodles of magic, sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos. 

It proved to be the perfect day out at Richmond Theatre for three and four-year-olds from Oriel Academy West London

The trip for 16 pupils was organised by Kathryn Wilden, Nursery Manager at Oriel which is located in Hounslow Road, Hanworth. She told the Hounslow Herald: “It was a great cultural experience for the children who were all wonderful. They were well behaved throughout the trip. We took the 490 bus to the theatre and back to school and a member of the public commented to us on how well behaved the children were. 
“The children had so much fun interacting with the show and singing along, they were so animated and excited, it was wonderful to see.”

Nursery children at Oriel make their way to Richmond Theatre

Scene from Tiger Who Came To Tea at Richmond Theatre

The classic tale of teatime mayhem is used as a guide by Mrs Wilden on how to be a good friend. She explained: “We use it as a friendship book, it’s all about promoting being nice to people and sharing. The children understand it’s important to be kind to people and include them.”

Oriel has excellent nursery facilities which encourage children to start their educational journey in a way that best suits them and have fun doing so. By focusing on learning through play, Oriel’s Nursery children are encouraged to learn independently and be driven by their own curiosities and creativity. Oriel’s Nursery also boasts a designated educational garden which the children use every day.

A place at Oriel’s Nursery allows children to seamlessly progress through to Reception at the school which recently retained its Ofsted ‘Good’ rating. 
Oriel currently has places available in Reception and Nursery for the academic year that begins September 2022. For more information email: office@oriel-aspirations.org or call: 0208 894 9395.

The school’s first Ofsted inspection since the pandemic began states Oriel is “happy and welcoming. Pupils enjoy their learning and try their best. They feel motivated by the encouragement they get from staff. Children get off to a good start in the early years. They do well in the nurturing and stimulating environment.”

Tired but happy! Oriel’s Nursery children pictured on the way home from Richmond Theatre

Scene from The Tiger Who Came To Tea at Richmond Theatre

The report, published earlier this year, reveals pupils state that bullying does not happen at Oriel as they know that staff will resolve any friendship issues or unkind behaviour.

The inspector also noted “leaders have ensured the school has continued to improve. They have introduced a successful mathematics programme and reading is at the heart of the curriculum. This starts in the early years. Leaders want the curriculum to be memorable and they use educational visits to bring learning to life.”