Now I’m Grown Up, stories from the boardroom to the staffroom. 

From chief executives to world-class journalists, more and more professionals are trading in their desk chairs for a seat in the staffroom. Tackling topics such as the 100-year life and education inequality, host Dame Jenni Murray explores the ideas behind a second career in teaching — and hears from the people who’ve done it.

In this latest episode of Now I’m Grown Up the topic for discussion is What Are Schools For? 

“What’s the point of school?” might be a question you most often associate with a grumpy teenager. But it’s something society also needs to be asking itself: what are schools for? To learn facts and theories, equations and quotations? To build intangible skills, like confidence, resilience, and how to work in teams? To inspire minds, to pass exams, or just to keep kids off the Xbox?

To discuss what schools are really for, broadcaster and author Jenni Murray is joined by Lucy Kellaway, a former Financial Times journalist who retrained as an economics teacher while co-founding the education charity Now Teach, and Jeffery Quaye, National Director of Education and Standards at the Aspirations Academies Trust and an adviser to the Department of Education.

Now I’m Grown Up is hosted by Jenni Murray, produced by Antonia Cundy and Theodora Louloudis, and brought to you by Now Teach. The credits for this episode were read by Tye Hulbert.

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