Pupils at Atlantic Academy Primary recently enjoyed a return to hands-on learning to bring their history lessons to life. 

After months of enjoyable and exotic virtual visits to destinations including the Great Barrier ReefHogwarts and even outer space, students stepped back in time to explore the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. 

Students were able to hold and marvel at artefacts from these periods thanks to a loan box scheme set up by Dorset County Museum in Dorchester to circumvent Coronavirus restrictions.   

An array of hand axes of different shapes and sizes were sent to the school last term by a team at the museum. Aware that Covid-19 guidelines prevent visits to museums, Dorset County decided to set up the scheme in order to boost pupil engagement. 

Melissa Heppell, Principal at Atlantic Academy Primary, said: ‘’Instead of looking at a slide on a screen, the children were able to hold the items in their hands and feel the weight of them, the shape of them and have a better understanding of the changes that took place from the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age and the evolution that continued through to the Iron Age. 

”The children loved being able to see the progress of technology and the changes. Handling objects allows pupils to use all their senses often leading to a more memorable and engaging experience. The children loved receiving the boxes and seeing what’s inside.”