Share a smile for Comic Relief! Students at Oak Hill Academy had a day full of dancing, archery and exchanging jokes, all for a worthy cause.

If that wasn’t fun enough, the school was also joined by a special guest for their Red Nose Day celebrations – BBC London reporter, Wendy Hurrell.

Oak Hill’s Comic Relief celebrations featured on BBC London News on Friday 19th March. The the full video can be viewed here:


The report below was originally broadcast by Wendy Hurrell, BBC London on Friday March 19th at 6.50pm and has been transcribed in full. 

“An excuse to have some much needed fun at Oak Hill Academy in Feltham.

“To raise money and awareness for Comic Relief, they’ve dressed in their best ruby hues and there’s a dance competition in one half of the playground, and red nose archery in another.

“But of course, it’s all about the comedy, it’s all about the jokes. You have been sending yours in to us – thank you very much. So, we thought we’d put them to the test, and see what these guys think of them.

“Prepare yourselves for the funniest jokes you’ve ever seen in your entire lives, probably.

Why do dolphins hate basketball? Because they are afraid of the net!

“We’ve got a local bus driver who keeps going off-route. He’s known locally as ‘Missed a turn!’

“So, this next one is a teacher joke, which as you know are the best.

Hi everyone, my name is Miss Matthews, here’s my joke. Why can’t you hear the pterodactyl go to the toilet? Because the ‘P’ is silent!

Alright then, Year 5, give us your best joke.

When do trees wake up? At tree o’clock!

There was a boy who said to his dad, ‘Dad, I’m hungry’. The dad said ‘Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!’

“That must be cause to share a smile. Worth a few quid at least to help Comic Relief hit the target.”