Congratulations to Ocean Academy for creating an outstanding curriculum and achieving Lighthouse Specialism status. 

The accolade is given to schools within the Aspirations Academies Trust which have met the 10 rigorous performance requirements in place and have chosen to develop a specialism in teaching and learning.  

Devised by Steve and Paula Kenning, CEOs of Aspirations Academies Trust, the Lighthouse Performance Criteria help to ensure each academy is providing a high quality education, relevant to the needs of the 21st century, for all pupils. 

Such is the rigour behind the Lighthouse Performance Indicators, they include but go above and beyond, the Ofsted inspection criteria. 

The 10 Lighthouse Performance Indicators are: 

  1. Pupils attainment & progress
  2. Behaviour & attitudes of pupils
  3. Curriculum coverage & innovation
  4. Pupil & staff wellness
  5. Staff development
  6. Employability & skills development
  7. The Aspirations Framework & student leadership
  8. Innovation & creativity
  9. Working with & supporting other academies
  10. Leadership & management

Having achieved the above indicators, Ocean Academy which is based in Poole, Bournemouth, has gone on to develop a specialism focusing on curriculum. 

With a Lighthouse Specialism, an academy will: 

  1. Display a real strength in an area that leads to a recognised improvement in teaching and learning. 
  2. Provide support to other academies inside and outside the trust in relation to this specialism.
  3. Provide CPD in relation to the specialism. 
  4. Produce evidence of the success of this specialism to promote the academy. 

Commenting on Ocean Academy’s Curriculum Lighthouse Specialism, Steve Kenning, CEO of Aspirations Academies Trust, said:  

“Ocean Academy Poole is the embodiment of the Aspirations vision. Staff work together to create a high energy, aspirational environment where pupils are challenged and highly engaged in the learning process. The curriculum is broad, balanced and ambitious. Both knowledge and skills are intricately woven throughout the learning journeys to maximum effect. The curriculum is meticulously and creatively planned, resulting in high levels of attainment and progress along with the development of power skills. Ocean is an outstanding school with an outstanding curriculum.”

To find out more about the Aspirations Lighthouse Performance Indicators & the Lighthouse Specialism, click here.