Parents made a return to a school sports day for the first time since the pandemic to see their children dash past the finish line.

Sports Day was a family affair at Bovington Academy this year as the sun shone for the games and races.

Students from across all year groups participated in a number of events including egg and spoon, a sack race, relay and obstacle course.

All races were supervised by students in years 5 and 6 who were designated ‘sports ambassadors’.

Emma Drake, Bovington’s sports lead, told the Dorset Echo: “It was a great day and one the parents enjoyed as much as the students. It was lovely to have family being able to watch again for the first time post-Covid.

“Sports day was also a great lesson in teamwork, the importance of trying your best and community.

“The weather was great, there were picnic lunches and there was a fantastic atmosphere.”