Three-year-olds at one Portland primary recently swapped their indoor classrooms for the beach and sea.

From collecting cuttlefish bones to whelk egg cases, youngsters spent the day
exploring and learnt their lessons guided by nature.

The Beach School session was organised by Melissa Heppell, principal of Atlantic
Academy Primary.
Youngsters were also invited from two neighbouring pre-schools: Doodlebugs and
Beach School is unique to Atlantic Academy which is an all-through.

Ms Heppell told the Dorset Echo: ‘’The school is fortunate to have the beach and sea on its doorstep. Surrounded by such breathtaking views, our Beach School allows our pupils to become explorers and take their learning outdoors. Lots of parents commented on how excited their children were when they returned home and were happy to share details of their day on the beach.’’

Ms Heppell said the Beach School sessions are an important part of the curriculum at Atlantic Academy Primary and are not just a visit to the beach.
She explained: ‘’The sessions are held regularly and are led by a qualified Beach
School Practitioner. The beach becomes a classroom for the day.’’