Youngsters at Dashwood Academy Banbury have spent time reflecting on how important the Queen was to them by drawing portraits of Her Majesty and her corgis and sharing their memories of her.

The ceremonial displays following the Queen’s death have also served as an opportunity for the teachers to discuss the changes taking place on a national level, including King Charles III’s upcoming proclamation.

Acting head of the school, Sarah Gordon-Weeks, said: “We organised a special assembly on Monday and it gave the children a chance to reflect on all the positive things the Queen did and her characteristics.

“There was also a minute’s silence and we opened our own book of condolence. It is a sad time, but we also spoke with the children about what a fulfilling life the Queen has had and how important it is to focus on celebrating all that she did and the positive impact she had on our lives. There will be people who pass away in everyone’s life and the important thing is to remember the positive impact they’ve had on our lives.

The Queen was a positive role model for our children. Not only was she a leader, but she also had a family of her own and was a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

“The children have spoken about how she never put a foot wrong. The Queen’s passing has also been an opportunity for the children to show their respect and to appreciate how the whole country has come together to do so.”