Are you considering your child’s next academic steps?

Wondering which secondary school will provide them with the best springboard for their future?

The answer could lie with Rivers Academy West London. The secondary school has Year 7 places for the academic year which starts 2023. Tours of the school are available and will provide a chance to find out more about the facilities and resources available at the school and meet staff. To book a place or find out more, please email

Rivers Academy, located in Tachbrook Road, Feltham, provides a nurturing environment in which to learn and allow academic excellence to flourish.

This year’s GCSE results saw 65% of students achieve a Grade 4 or above in English and Maths, up from 63% in 2019 when they last sat GCSE exams. And 50% of students achieved a Grade 5 or above for English & Maths up from 40% in 2019.

At Rivers Academy 33.3% of students at the school achieved 3 or more A-levels graded A*-B this year compared to 25% in 2018 and 5.5% in 2019 when they last sat exams.

Luke Homer, Acting Principal at Rivers Academy, told the Hounslow Herald: “We are all very proud of the efforts and achievements of our students, particularly in the face of the pandemic. The students at Rivers Academy West London are incredible young people who have such strength and exceptional futures ahead of them. Every adult at Rivers Academy has worked to ensure students are able to progress onto further education, study or the career pathway of their choice.

“The resources and pastoral support at Rivers Academy ensure our students achieve their potential.”

An array of impressive science labs, an IT suite and well-stocked library are just some of the facilities available to students.

Applications are also welcomed from Year 6 students who would consider themselves future Space Studio West London (SSWL) students.

The Rivers/SSWL Pathway is an incredible opportunity for students who aim to transfer in Year 10 to SSWL to focus on STEM & project-based learning with an emphasis on engineering and aerospace.

The academic results at SSWL are equally as impressive. Some 76% of GCSE students achieved Grade 4+ and 52% of students achieved Grade 5+ in English and Maths, 80% of students passed Maths and 88% passed English.

A third of A-level Mathematics students achieved an A* and half of all Physics students achieved a grade A* to B.