Over 90% of the academies within the Aspirations Academies Trust are judged Good or Outstanding by Ofsted.

Our schools have been recognised for their leadership, safeguarding and commitment to pupils’ personal development.

Aspirations Academies Trust launched in 2011 and has grown to 15 academies – soon to be 16 – located in West London, South Central, the South Coast and the South West.

Of the 15 open academies, 9 are rated Good by Ofsted, and 2 are judged as Outstanding.

Of the 4 remaining academies, 3 are still awaiting Ofsted inspections due to Covid delays, and the remaining academy is considered to be on its journey to ‘good’.

According to our calculations, which take into account only those schools that have an Ofsted rating, 11 out of our 12 schools have been judged to be Outstanding or Good, which equates to 92%. 

Dr Jeffery Quaye, National Director of Education and Standards for Aspirations, is also a qualified inspector of schools and is in charge of the internal monitoring of the schools across our trust. He recently carried out an inspection of Atlantic Academy Portland and reported the school to be ‘Good with Outstanding features’. 

Commenting on the Ofsted ratings of our schools, he said: ”I am pleased with the significant improvements made by our schools, particularly in the areas of curriculum development and raising standards. Overall, this contributes to a transformational impact on the life chances of pupils educated in schools run by the Aspirations Academies Trust.”

Julie King, Data Manager at Aspirations Academies Trust, said: “Ofsted inspections are so important to any school because the grades reflect the areas that matter most to parents.

“Things like quality of education, personal development, and leadership and management of the school are all key factors that parents consider when choosing a school for their children.

“The Ofsted ratings that our academies have received give parents a coherent understanding of these key aspects.

“Because of our excellent Ofsted ratings, parents put their trust in our schools and send their children here because they believe that we’ll provide them with the best learning experience possible, across all aspects.”

Here below is a breakdown of the Ofsted ratings that our schools have received and a snapshot of comments from the inspectors:

Schools rated Outstanding

Jewell Academy – inspected in 2015. Ofsted reported that pupils made ‘exceptionally rapid progress from their starting points in reading, writing and mathematics’.

Magna Academy – inspected in 2018. Ofsted reported that ‘pupils make excellent progress from the time they join the school right through until they take their GCSE’s’.

Magna Academy Poole.

Schools rated Good

Dashwood Academy – inspected in 2018. Ofsted reported that ‘school leaders have successfully created a close knit and popular school where pupils are happy and achieve well’.

Futures Institute Banbury – inspected in 2017. Ofsted reported that ‘leaders’ commitment to pupils’ intellectual development means that pupils receive many opportunities to explore creativity and phenomena beyond the realm of observable human experience’.

Harriers Academy – inspected in 2018. Ofsted reported that ‘many parents commented on how happy their children are at the school’.

Oak Hill Academy – inspected in 2017. Ofsted reported that ‘the schools work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding’.

Ocean Academy – inspected in 2018. Ofsted reported that ‘specialist staff support the most vulnerable pupils very well’, and that ‘these pupils are flourishing both academically and socially’.

Oriel Academy – inspected in 2016. Ofsted reported that the ‘leadership to safeguarding is exemplary’, and that there is a ‘tangible commitment to ensuring the safety and care of all pupils, especially the most vulnerable’.

Rivers Academy – inspected in 2019. Ofsted reported that ‘the school is a diverse community where pupils feel valued and equal’, and ‘teachers ensure that pupils are kind and respectful to each other’.

Space Studio West London – inspected in 2018. Ofsted reported that ‘teachers are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their school subjects and committed to the pupils they teach’.

Wykham Park Academy – inspected in 2018. Ofsted reported that ‘the leadership of teaching, learning and assessment is strong’, and that ‘the principal has transformed the culture of the school’.

Ocean Academy Poole.

On the journey to Good

Park Academy – joined Aspirations in 2017 and inspected in 2019. Ofsted reported that the school has moved out of the Special Measures category and is now classed as ‘requires improvement’ but is on its journey to ‘good’, and that ‘leaders promote a positive and respectful culture’.

Park Academy West London.

Schools awaiting an Ofsted inspection since joining the Trust

Atlantic Academy Portland – joined Aspirations in 2017 and not yet inspected by Ofsted. However, Atlantic has been praised for their high Progress 8 levels and is recognised as the best school in Dorset based on this attainment. Dr Jeffery Quaye, National Director of Education and Standards for Aspirations Academies Trust & a schools inspector, classes Atlantic as ‘Good with Outstanding features. Atlantic is an excellent school with strong links in the local community. Leaders prioritise academic achievement and pupils’ wellbeing through their commitment to high standards’. 

Bovington Academy – joined Aspirations in 2019 and not yet inspected by Ofsted.

Budmouth Academy – joined Aspirations in 2019 and not yet inspected by Ofsted.

Atlantic Academy Portland – Primary.