Pupils at one Banbury Primary have been reminded of the spirit of Christmas through a special Day of Kindness.

Youngsters at Dashwood Academy recently spent an entire school day making sure all their interactions were filled with thoughtfulness towards their peers and teachers.

Amy Rogers, Principal at the school, said the aim of the day was to remind pupils of the importance of being polite and caring towards others.

With Christmas just around the corner, Mrs Rogers said the timing of the event was perfect as the festive season is a time to give and think of others.

Keya Mistry and Anokhee Kini, Year 5

Activities included picking up litter, writing a letter to a care home resident, feeding the birds outside and producing an advent calendar of kindness. They were also encouraged to say good morning and good bye to their peers, keep a record of their acts of kindness and draw pictures of what it means to them to show compassion for others.

Mrs Rogers told the Banbury Guardian: ‘’Lockdown and Coronavirus has had an impact on the emotions of youngsters and the Day of Kindness was a chance to remind them how important it is to think of others, their environment and the importance of kindness. The day was also an opportunity for them to explore their friendships with a new outlook.’’