From tackling anti-social behaviour, knife crime, to the blight of litter, students at one local secondary had the opportunity to raise their community concerns with Labour’s Seema Malhotra.

The MP for Feltham and Heston was involved in a Demos Kratos project with Year 7 pupils at Rivers Academy West London.

The aim was to provide context and bring to life the power of politics, democracy and the ethos of Demos Kratos (Rule by the People) to life.

This year students were asked to conduct research about issues in the local area through interviews and questionnaires. They then came up with ideas about what could be done to resolve the issues they highlighted. All the students then wrote a letter to Ms Malhotra highlighting their concerns and suggestions for tackling the problem.

Ms Malhotra then returned for a second visit to the school at the end of the project where she discussed the project work in detail with students.

Pupils also had the chance to question the MP directly.

Rivers Academy students pictured with Labour MP Seema Malhotra

Commenting on the importance of the Demos Kratos project, Ms Malhotra said: “I want to congratulate Rivers Academy and all the Year 7 students who have taken part in the Demos Kratos Project and have used surveys and research work to identify local issues and solutions to address them.

“I will be sharing their findings around tackling knife crime, anti-social behaviour, litter and the cost of living crisis with the local council and the police. It is vital that we hear the voices of young people, and I am sure that they will make a real difference to improving the local area.”

The Demos Kratos project is one of several being studied this year under the No Limits Curriculum. This is unique to all schools in the Aspirations Academies Trust and involves Applied Transdisciplinary Learning: students apply what they have learnt in the classroom to real-world projects that cross subject disciplines. It is an approach that prepares young people for success in today’s world.

Rivers Academy students share their Demos Kratos project with MP Seema Malhotra

Prerna Patel, No Limits Curriculum Lead at Aspirations Academies Trust, told The Hounslow Herald: “The ideas put forward for change by our students were very impressive and being able to write to Seema was meaningful for them. This project was not just about politics and democracy, it was also an opportunity for our students to use their critical thinking skills.

“Our students were delighted to have the opportunity to meet Seema and to actually talk to someone who was able to show them how the democratic process can facilitate change in the local community.”