In ordinary times, our exam system ensures that a third of young people finish school without the qualifications they need to progress.

Now, after two years of cancelled exams, public dismay at algorithmic blindness to
the true nature of student achievement, and after millions of the most disadvantaged children have missed out on key learning milestones, there has never been a more critical time to question our approach to assessment.  
The questions reach deeper than addressing the unfairness of the exam system,
however. With Covid-19 sparking a youth unemployment crisis and social mobility
grinding to a halt, do the events of 2020-21 force a fundamental rethink of the
capabilities on which school curriculum and assessment should focus?

The cancelled exams offer an opportunity to think afresh about the capabilities on which curriculum and assessment should focus.

Leading educationalists Professor Bill Lucas – Professor of Learning, University of
Winchester, Dr Jeffery Quaye – National Director of Education and Standards, Aspirations Academies Trust, Dr Mary Richardson – Associate Professor of Educational Assessment, UCL Institute of Education and Stephen Tierney – Chair, Headteacher’s Roundtable (all pictured above), explore how we could do better by all our young people in this RSA debate. 

Listen to the podcast here: