This year, the students were lucky enough to watch a SpaceX launch, as their Falcon 9 rocket launched 60 more satellites into orbit, as part of the space transportation services company’s ambition to fill the low Earth orbit with satellite, ensuring internet connectivity across the entire world. The launch was delayed by one day, so the group managed to experience it on their first day in Florida!

Another key moment of the 2020 Space Education Adventure was meeting with British NASA Propulsion Engineer John Tribe whilst at the American Space Museum in Titusville, Florida. John was there by coincidence and gave an impassioned talk to the students about his work on the Apollo missions, including details of the tragic Apollo 1 mission.  

the 2020 visit to Space Center’s in Texas and Florida was a ‘blast’ for all of the students that earned their place on the trip, and we are so excited to see what surprises are in store for next year’s trip, due to take place in February 2021!

Below are some photo galleries of the 2020 adventure.


Houston, Texas: Aspirations students working on their group media projects in the conference room of the hotel.


Houston, Texas: Tour of the Rice University campus and an astrophysics lecture delivered by Professor David Alexander OBE.


Johnson Space Center, Houston: Behind-the-scenes tour of Johnson Space Center delivered by Ginger Kerrick, the first Hispanic female NASA Flight Director, and visit of the tourist areas of the Space Center.


Titusville, Florida: Visit to the Veterans Memorial Park to watch the SpaceX rocket launch, then on to tour the American Space Museum with a special talk from NASA Propulsion Engineer, John Tribe.



Kennedy Space Center, Florida: Jim and Theresa Kinney take the group to Launchpad 39B as part of an extended behind-the-scenes tour of Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida. 


Across Texas and Florida: In the evenings, the students had the opportunity to eat with people that currently work at NASA, and could ask for advice and discuss their own experiences working at the organisation. 

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