Teachers across the country have been on the frontline every day during the country’s Covid-19 battle.

As the year draws to a close, one Banbury principal decided to let her teaching staff know just how much she has appreciated their efforts during this rollercoaster year with ten days of Christmas gifts.

Amy Rogers, Principal at Dashwood Academy, said it was important her staff know how much she has appreciated their efforts since the start of lockdown in March this year.

Her 10 days before Christmas end of term wellbeing initiative saw her send staff a Christmas jingle everyday outlining the little treats in store for them. Starting Monday December 7th through to December 18th, presents included candy cane pens for staff to use during the Christmas quiz, luxury biscuits and deluxe hot chocolate. Mrs Rogers also provided an extra break time for staff, bought Christmas silver spoons and a Christmas glass bauble gift for them all.

Amy Rogers, Principal of Dashwood Academy in Banbury

Mrs Rogers, who paid for the gifts out of her own pocket for all 50 members of staff, said: ‘’It’s important my staff knew that Christmas is not cancelled!

‘’For the last few years I’ve always done five days of Christmas but this year just because it has been a difficult time, I decided to double it to 10 days of Christmas gifts. It was important to me that my staff had that acknowledgement from me that I know how hard they have worked this year and how much I have appreciated it.

‘’They’re only small gifts but they show that I do really care and value the work that they have all done. ‘’

An example of the festive emails that were sent to staff to let them know what their gift for the day would be

The festive gestures were small but significant said Mrs Rogers