Students set to join Park Academy in September have enjoyed a raft of Summer School activities to help them settle in.

More than 50 youngsters attended the week-long event which saw them participate in a blend of academic and enrichment activities.

From baking sessions, dance classes to interacting with exotic animals and also enjoying Science, English and Maths lessons, the children had a great time getting to know their new teachers and peers.

At the end of the week students were given a new book to take home and read before the start of term.

The Summer School was targeted at students who will start in Year 7 and fulfils the aim of the initiative set out by the Department for Education earlier this year.

Bake-off recruits: one of the activities enjoyed at Park’s summer school

Jack Taylor, Senior Assistant Principal at Park, told the Hillingdon Times: ‘’Students have endured 18 months of disruption to their learning and for the Primary students transitioning to start at Secondary this September the Summer School activities provided them with an opportunity to become familiar with the layout of Park, get to know their teachers and peers and make new friends.

‘’The Summer School at Park hosted a wide variety of different subjects, ranging from English and Drama, to Science and PE. Students also had an opportunity to interact first hand with some exotic animals through The Exotic Animal Company, and enjoyed dance classes organised by Step Into Dance. Students were actively engaged throughout the week; and students told us how much they enjoyed the opportunity.’’

More than 50 youngsters attended the week-long event, with events from baking sessions and dance classes to interacting with exotic animals while also enjoying science, English and maths

Youngster Will Stoneman said: “Dance was my favourite. I really enjoyed performing and really loved my time at Summer School this week. I am so much looking forward to starting in Year 7 in a few weeks’ time.”

Matilda Macgregor added: ‘’I have really loved being at Park this week. Even though it is the summer holidays, it has been so much fun and it has been good to get to know some other students and staff before I start in September.”

At the end of the Summer School week students and teachers posed together for a keepsake photo